Maxine Kollar

Maxine Kollar is wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three terrific children. She spends most of her day doing her best while constantly being judged by her cat. Her works have appeared on tree trunks and burnt toast across the world.

Also, her stories have appeared  in Mamalode, Gravel Mag, Funny in Five Hundred, Clever Mag, Gambling the Aisle, Eye to the Telescope, SpeckLit, Route 7 Review, Rat’s Ass Review, A Lonely Riot, The Graveyard Cowboy, Halfway Down the Stairs and elsewhere.

Maxine’s story, “The Care and Feeding of Your Personal Demon” can be found in the upcoming anthology from Grivante Press, Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror.