Mark Daponte

Mark Daponte is a copy/blog writer for an advertising company in New York City.  In his delusional bid to be a literary lion, he writes short stories and screenplays.  He also punches up others’ screenplays—because they don’t punch back.  When he isn’t sinking down to a ten-year-old’s level to make his ten and thirteen-year-old sons laugh, he can be found seeking signs of intelligent life in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Mark’s story, “The Disagreeable Dinner” can be found in the upcoming anthology from Grivante Press, Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror.

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To find more of Mark’s short stories such as “The Nurem-burger Trial” and “The Survivor”, check out these titles.

Aberrant Literature Short Fiction Volume 3 & Red Moon District