John Grey

John Grey is an Australian born writer, US resident. He has been published in Weird Tales, Tales of the Talisman, Flapperhouse, Strangely Funny 2 ½, and the scifi anthology, “A Robot, A Cyborg And A Martian Walk Into A Space Bar” amongst many others. He is also a past Rhysling winner for genre poetry.

John’s story “The Henry Problem” can be found in the upcoming anthology from Grivante Press, Mashed : The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror. “The Henry Problem” is the story of fruity sex, ghosts, ex-husbands and exorcisms!

You can find more of John Grey, by googling John Grey Poetry or by picking up one of the many anthologies he has been a part of.

We Were Heroes”     “Attack Of The B Movie Monsters

A Robot, A Cyborg and A Martian Walk Into A Space Bar

Maine Haunted Love” “Amok!”    “Strangely Funny 2 ½