J. Donnait

J. Donnait is a writer from Toronto, Canada. He has been writing for a little over two years, focusing primarily on short horror/dark fantasy stories. Wanting to give his passion an honest shot, he quit his job and is now working on his first novel. If an open-world RPG comes out for the PS4, J. plays it until his mind melts. He then spends a week flexing his writing muscles until things go back to normal. He loves playing and watching hockey, does not put maple syrup on everything, and rarely says “Eh.” He does, however, live in an igloo (the basement is cold!).

J’s story, “A Woman’s Corn” about two lovers whose dark secrets are darker than either realize, can be found in the upcoming anthology from Grivante Press, Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror.

You can connect with J. on Twitter and Instagram.