November Audiobook Review: Rise of the Horde

November Audiobook Review: Rise of the Horde

Runtime: 8hrs and 3min Narrated by Luke Daniels
In Devan Sagliani’s Rise of the Horde we are introduced to a trio of young adults, Xander, Benji and later Felcity as they navigate a world that is deep into a zombie epidemic turned apocalypse. The story starts with the two boys on a military complex where Xander was left by his older brother and told to stay put, no matter what, only on the first page that same military complex is being overrun by a massive horde and Xander has no choice, but to run.


What did I like about this story?
At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of this story. It was interesting, but I kept waiting for the “adults” to get involved. After I caught on that this is basically a young adult zombie apocalypse novel, I was able to enjoy it on a different level.

The story explores the zombie apocalypse from the viewpoint of the 3 young characters and offers us a different perspective than the normal hard and gritty zompoc story that is so common. Bad things are happening, but we’re seeing it from the eyes of teenagers that don’t have the same life experience as adults. Their adventures or misadventures as the case often was, were fun to follow along with, especially as they encountered different scenarios that forced them to grow up. Including everything from a town under the control of a group of white supremacists, a drug-addicted rocker, and a crazed cult.

In the end, these young heroes are faced with decisions that even adults don’t want to have to make.

What didn’t I like about this story?
It’s a young adult story, which I wasn’t expecting. That said, the story is good, but it has a juvenile quality to it and if you aren’t prepared for that it can take awhile to wrap your head around it. By the end of the book I was enjoying it quite a bit, but I spent the first portion trying to understand what was going on.

The narration by Luke Daniels was well done. Giving unique characteristics to each character with his vocal talents. The narration can make or break an audiobook and Mr. Daniels added to the overall experience of the story.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I listen to more by this author?)
Yes. Once I got into the fact that it was a young adult zompoc I enjoyed it and found myself wanting to know what would happen to these characters next.

All in all I give this a 7 out of 10.

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