Book Review: Midnight Me & Bob Macabre

Book Review: Midnight Me & Bob Macabre

Midnight Me & Bob Macabre by Crash LaResh & Tricia Martin

In this illustrated book designed to help young one’s that struggle with night terrors we are introduced to the young tormented Vex. Vex is plagued not only by the creepy crawlies in his head at night but also the not so friendly character of Twink, his sister.

It’s clear right from the beginning that young Vex’s life is a mess. Enter the mysterious Bob Macabre to help him not only battle his demon’s but also find power over them.

It read like a sophisticated mash-up where The Cat in the Hat meets The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What did I like about this story?
This nighty-nite tale of torture and torment is a noble endeavor by the author. Inspired by his son’s night terrors, he set out to write a story that would help not only his own son to see his demon’s differently, but hopefully others as well.

The story is rich with lyrical imagery, rhyming prose and detailed depictions of Vex’s nightmare reality and his climb through them during the long night in his dreams.

I absolutely loved the art that accompanies Crash LaResh’s prose. Artist Tricia Martin has a style that blends the visuals of a Tim Burton movie with the like’s of Jhonen Vasquez(Johnny The Homicidal Maniac/Invader Zim) or Roman Dirge(Lenore). These are artists that I already enjoy and her art made moments in the story come alive in a completely unique and engaging way, capturing both Vex’s fear and the sometimes crazy hilarity of the moment.

One of my favorite things about the artwork was looking behind Vex at the assorted details Tricia included in the background that added to the content of the story. Well done!

What didn’t I like about this story?
The only challenging aspect to this book is that in most cases, it will need to be read by an adult to a child. I would say they’d need to be at least 12-13 and have a dictionary handy to read it on their own. The prose at times is very thick in terms of the vocabulary used and I found I couldn’t read the book straight through, I had to take breaks and then dive back in again.

The story definitely keeps you engaged as Vex and later Vex and Bob journey through his tortured world, it just takes time to get through the journey.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I read more by this author?)
Yes, I would, in fact the story ends with a to be continued… so I’ll be awaiting the tale of how Vex beats his curse once and for all along with the rest of you!

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