March Audio Book Review : The Undead Pool: A Superhero Origin Story by Derek Ailes

Run time 3 hrs and 43 mins Narrated by Eric Bryan Moore

Derek AilesThe Undead Pool: A Superhero Origin Story, is less a zombie story and more a superhero parody.

The story begins by mirroring the storyline of the Deadpool movie and was my first clue this story may not be what I was expecting. It jumps right into an action scene, introducing us to the main character Mace Murdock and within moments, as the narrative jumps from the story into my face, I recognize the same style that was done in the movie and understand a little better where things are going.

The story is funny and had me laughing right from the get-go, in fact, I felt the kind of nonsense the author was having fun with is the same kind of humor that fans of my own The Zee Brothers series would enjoy. As the story continued though, I found myself wondering about parody laws and just how close one can get to the source material without stepping over the line.

What did I like about this story?

For the most part, the story is fun and funny with constant action. If you like Deadpool or comics in general, you’ll like The UnDead Pool. It is filled with parodies of different characters from all sorts of pop culture. While it starts as and mostly follows the narrative of the Deadpool Movie(along with some other X-Men storylines here and there), it ends having become a mash-up of pop culture references from comics, movies, TV and whatever else the extensive nerd knowledge of Mr. Ailes brought to the table.

Fans of all things geekdom and nerdom will enjoy the frequent nods to their favorite pop culture icons.

What didn’t I like about this story?


At the same time that the story is funny and humorous, for me, the constant nonsense and parody grew stale. I was familiar with a lot of the storylines that were directly parodied or hinted at and it left me wanting something fresh and new. In part, this could be my expectations, as I was expecting more zombie action and less superhero parody action.

Conclusion: (Aka: Would I listen to more by this author?)


I would listen to more by this author, but it would have to be original content only, not a parody. The author has a great fun style and I would love to hear what he can do with a creation all of his own, but I unfortunately would not listen to any more in this series. It’s just not for me.

I give this 5 out of 10 stars.

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